Rail transport

Rail terminal in Braniewo

PROFROST has solutions for cargoes and routes that can be delivered exclusively or more cheaply by rail. Where appropriate we use our rail terminal in Braniewo. The terminal, located close to the Polish/Russian border and operated by POLFROST Terminal Sp. z o. o., combines both standard and broad gauge rail and can perform road/rail, rail/road or rail/rail transshipments. We also offer a bonded warehouse and open-air storage area.

The terminal can serve any rail station within the CIS railway network, whether inbound or outbound. PROFROST develops bespoke solutions for road/rail or rail/rail transportation. Alternatively, depending on the destination and order specifications, transit terminals at the Polish/Belarusian or Polish/Ukrainian border are possible, so that we can reliably determine the most favorable routing in each specific case. 

Professional management of transport chains

  • Reefer sections
  • Covered railcars
  • Containers
  • Combined Road/Rail transport with transshipment in Poland or Lithuania
  • Rail/Rail transport with transshipment in Belarus or Poland 
  • Food (temperature-controlled and ambient)
  • Industrial goods (building materials, chemicals)
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
Geographical Scope

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