Since its formation in 1990. Initially moving goods by rail, since the mid-nineties we’ve been doing this by road as well.  

We serve almost all of continental Europe, and virtually all CIS-countries in both directions.

Yes, we do: in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

We use mostly (and in the case of pharmaceuticals, solely) our own vehicles. 

The home location of our vehicles is Smolevichi, near Minsk.

This provides us with access to a highly skilled labor force, is conveniently located close to Russia and other CIS countries, and ensures competitive production costs. 

Yes, we cover the whole temperature range between +25 and -25 degrees centigrade.

Primarily pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as other commodities requiring temperature-control, as well as security-sensitive goods. 

Yes, with all classes except classes 1 and 7. 

Since 2001 we have delivered more than 12,000 FTL to Russia, and also to other CIS countries since then.

We pursue a policy of price stability irrespective of market fluctuations. Prices are quoted on an all-in basis, except for possible demurrage according to agreed terms.  

In every way. We meet the most stringent trucking security standards of the Transport Asset Protection Association. We will be pleased to provide more detailed information upon request.

No, but all operational staff members, including the management, are on-call for any matter requiring immediate attention.  

Yes, we have procedural instructions for issues that might pose risks for the integrity of goods and on-time delivery.       

Transportation temperature and set point can be monitored on our tracking website. Temperature reports are downloadable at any time.  

The advantage is that it can be perfectly aligned with the customers’ and our needs. Upgrades can be made swiftly. 

Day A→C or A→D. Unless the customs terminal is operating during weekends, shipments that cannot reach Moscow by Friday morning remain on our guarded and CCTV-monitored site near Minsk until Sunday in order to arrive at Moscow customs Monday morning. 

All drivers are trained in Standard Operating Procedures on topics such as GDP, temperature-control, deviation management, customs rules. We carry out yearly written driver assessments, and also hold weekly drivers’ meetings and do pre-trip briefings. 

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